The PMAC Process

Parcel Management Auditing and Consulting…Achieve Total Parcel Visibility.

Whether you ship hundreds of parcels annually — or hundreds of thousands — chances are you’re not recapturing the cost of late, damaged, lost or incorrectly billed parcels.


Rocallyn understands that your freight carrier relationships are vital to your success.

Carriers recognize and respect the accuracy of our inquiries and will work with Rocallyn to help correct mistaken invoices, so you receive the refunds you are owed.


Our mission is to reduce your shipping costs by:

Auditing invoices for proper billing of every parcel.

Review shipping contracts to ensure you are billed according to terms.

Recover refunds from all your carriers.

Provide the industry’s most comprehensive shipping analysis reports to enable you to become a more knowledgeable shipper with complete parcel visibility.

Rocallyn is so confident in the effectiveness of our auditing services that we offer a free shipping analysis and assessment.

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